The Wisconsin winter is approaching, and it is time to retire your RV or motorhome for the cold months ahead. You do not want the RV to suffer any weather damage, but you simply cannot store it at your own home. For the best option in RV and motorhome storage, visit JAZ Storage, Central Wisconsin’s most trusted RV garages and winter storage facility.

JAZ Storage knows the importance of keeping your RV protected from the elements so that it is ready to go with the first signs of spring. The storage facility is located between Wausau and Stevens Point, just 1.5 miles from the Central Wisconsin Airport, providing an ideal location for Wausau residents. Not only is JAZ Storage convenient, but it also offers the best care and protection for your RV.

The best way to protect your RV this winter is in a climate controlled storage unit at JAZ Storage. Extremely cold conditions can have detrimental effects on your RV, including damage to wood furniture, electronics, plastic, and wax. However, heated units take away these risks, saving you time, money, and inconvenient repairs. JAZ Storage units are heated with High Efficiency Moline gas heaters inside insulated walls and ceilings, ensuring the safety of your RV or motorhome from harsh winter weather.

In addition to the protection provided by climate control, JAZ Storage also offers 24-hour video surveillance, exterior security lighting, skylights, cement floors with in-floor drains, and private side door entrances. JAZ Storage promises to keep your RV, motorhome, car, or boat safe for the winter. You can drop off your vehicle one of three Saturdays in the fall and pick it up one of two Saturdays in April, just as winter starts to fade from Central Wisconsin.

JAZ Storage is your one-stop location for Heated RV Storage for Wausau, Wisconsin. Go to JAZ Storage for the best winter storage for your RV or motorhome in the area. Your vehicle will be ready for your next adventure as soon as you pick it up, safe the way you left it.