Seasonal Storage

Price change for Seasonal Storage. Minimum under 20 ft $280.00 for the entire season (October to late April) Over 20 ft $16.00 per linear foot for entire season (October into April)

Our building has three storage types for our clients. There are two different rate structures based on what you will be storing. Your rate will be determined by the type of unit and overall length. If you are unsure, please fill out our form and contact us.

Heated Storage Rates

$450/month with annual lease

Our climate controlled Premium RV Garage is the best facility in the area!

Annual contract with ACH direct deposit

Plus applicable sales taxes

Seasonal Storage Rates

Winter Storage (rate for entire season not monthly)

October through late April Approximately 7 months

Minimum rate $280.00

Over 20 ft $16 per linear foot

Pontoons at $17 per linear foot

Plus applicable sales tax

Summer Storage

Mid April to Early October

$100 under 20 ft

$8.00 linear ft over 20 ft.

Plus applicable sales taxes

To reserve space, we require a deposit, payable to JAZ, LLC in the amount of $100 for each space requested.  Please visit our Contact Page to obtain mailing address and contact information.